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P-82 Ultra Primer - 1/2 Gallon Each (Two-Part) - American Fast Floors

P-82 Ultra Primer - 1/2 Gallon Each (Two-Part)


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Wood: SF
Floor/Wall Tile: SF
Tile Trim: Piece
Mosaic: Piece

*Product prices are based on the SF or PC. The price you see is not a box price. Please enter the unit of measure for the product you need.
Example: Tile is not by the piece unless its trim or mosaic. So, if you need 12x24 tile enter the SF you need not the number of pcs.

Ultra Prime??????????????

?ARDEX P 82? is a high-strength, solvent-free primer that improves the adhesion of ARDEX products over smooth, non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic and other stone tiles, terrazzo, epoxy and metal decking. ARDEX P 82 is also used over wooden subfloors, including plywood and strip wood, as well as over cutback and other non-water-soluble adhesive residues.

Standard absorbent concrete substrates, and also other substrates in specialized applications, must be primed with ARDEX P 51? Primer. Please refer to the ARDEX Technical Brochure for more information. Specific substrate preparation requirements are provided in the individual Technical Brochures for each ARDEX product. Please refer to ARDEX Technical Brochures for more information.

  • For wood, cutback, metal and other non-porous substrates
  • Waterborne two-component primer
  • Seals the substrate
  • Improves the bond of ARDEX Underlayments and Toppings
  • Use for interior use only

One unit contains two 1/2 gallon containers.

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