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NAC Super SAM 3 90 mil Sound Abatement Membrane 150 SF Roll - American Fast Floors

NAC Super SAM 3 90 mil Sound Abatement Membrane 150 SF Roll


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SAM® 3 90 is a high quality sound control sheet membrane for use in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly (SRCA). 

How It Works

SAM® 3 90 is a 90 mil (< 1/8") thick, self-adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane chemically formulated to reduce airborne (STC) and impact (IIC) sound transmission when used under stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood and commercial grade vinyl tile. SAM® 3 90 is composed of modified elastomers, sound deadening resins and reinforced woven fibers and is designed for use in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly. 

NAC TAC, NAC TAC II or NS97 Primers are necessary components of NAC sheet membrane systems.

SAM® 3 90 has been tested and certified for sound reduction on hard surface substrates.

8" Concrete Slab (with a SRCA)



6.5" Concrete Slab (no SRCA)


SAM® 3 90 provides protection from in-plane, structural movement up to 3/8" for floors requiring crack isolation protection, 

For protection against Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT), use SAM™ 3 90 and the appropriate NAC primer to provide protection of 10#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC or NS97 Primer or 7#/1000SF/24HRS when used 
with NAC TAC II Primer.



Use SAM® 3 90 membrane OVER:

Concrete: Poured, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete, concrete backerboard, mud beds, gypsum, lightweight concrete and patching compounds. 

Wood: Exterior or exposure 1 plywood, APA-rated sheathing, Sturd-I-Floor, hardwood, tongue and groove and OSB with standard face. (Gap between sheeting as required.) 

Other Substrates: Ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, terrazzo, VCT/VAT, metal, painted and sealed floors and floors damaged by dry shrinkage and structural movement. 


Use SAM® 3 90 UNDER: 

 Thin & medium-bed mortar installations (ANSI A118.4) of ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, slate, granite tile, pavers, brick, hardwood, manufactured wood, commercial grade vinyl and other finished floors are also acceptable; check with flooring manufacturer.


Ideal for use with radiant heated floors and low voltage tile warming systems.


SAM™ 3 90 is available in 3'x50' rolls (150 sq. ft.)

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