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Ms Plus Resilient Flooring Adhesive - 2 Gallon - American Fast Floors

Ms Plus Resilient Flooring Adhesive - 2 Gallon

W.F. Taylor Co.

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Wood: SF
Floor/Wall Tile: SF
Tile Trim: Piece
Mosaic: Piece

*Product prices are based on the SF or PC. The price you see is not a box price. Please enter the unit of measure for the product you need.
Example: Tile is not by the piece unless its trim or mosaic. So, if you need 12x24 tile enter the SF you need not the number of pcs.

MS-Plus?Õå Acous-Tec? MBA?ÕåÂ, with patented Meta-Tec?Õå and Acous-Tec? technologies, is a one component 100% solids, cross-linking modified silane polymer-based adhesive formulated for the installation of all types of resilient flooring. This solvent free, water free, and isocyanate free, non-flammable, easy troweling high strength product is an excellent replacement for epoxy and urethane adhesives, and provides excellent installations for vinyl, VCT, rubber, fiberglass, polyolefin & felt backed flooring, approved recycled resilient flooring, tile-over-tile applications, and tile, plank & sheet goods over both porous and non-porous surfaces.

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