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Schluter Kerdi 200/10m Waterproofing Membrane 3' 3" X 33' - 108 Sf Roll - American Fast Floors

Schluter Kerdi 200/10m Waterproofing Membrane 3' 3 x 33-108 Sf Roll


  • 20099


Wood: SF
Floor/Wall Tile: SF
Tile Trim: Piece
Mosaic: Piece

*Product prices are based on the SF or PC. The price you see is not a box price. Please enter the unit of measure for the product you need.
Example: Tile is not by the piece unless its trim or mosaic. So, if you need 12x24 tile enter the SF you need not the number of pcs.

Schluter-KERDI is a pliable waterproofing membrane designed to waterproof shower and bath areas during installation. It's sheet form allows it to be molded and cut to any imaginable shape, making waterproofing of even the most elaborately shaped shower a simple task. It is covered in an anchoring fleece on both sides, allowing it to be set in place with thin-set mortar.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Schluter
Product Line: KERDI
Membrane Thickness:1/125"
Product Height: 1/125"
Product Width: 3' 3"
Product Length: 33'
Product Weight: 7 Lbs

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