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Mapei Ultracare Products

American Fast Floors carries the full line of Mapei Ultracare sealers, cleaners, enhancers and much more. 

The latest addition is our UltraCare™ care and maintenance line for stone, tile and grout. The UltraCare line is composed of 21 different products in 4 categories that address the finished floor: sealers, finishes, cleaners and problem-solvers.

Due to the market’s enormous number of tile and stone options, the architect, contractor and consumer often do not remember about protecting and caring for the investment they made in their choice of surfaces. It is estimated that only 15 to 20 percent of all surfaces needing to be sealed are protected, leaving a large number of installed floors prone to problems that could easily be fixed. In international markets, where the use of natural stone is much greater than in the Americas, it is widely acknowledged that such surfaces need protective coatings in order to retain the original appearance of the material and simplify maintenance of the flooring over its expected life. Recognizing this need, MAPEI proudly introduces the UltraCare Stone, Tile & Grout Care Solutions family of products as a total solution for the market. The company established as its primary goal the need to formulate a complete line of products using the most up-to-date chemical technology available in the market. That product line needed to reflect high levels of quality, performance, and value; provide innovation through technology; be clear and simple to end users, and be compliant with environmental standards. It also needed to incorporate exportable technology so that, worldwide, MAPEI could have access to the product line.