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Recommended Adhesives for Wood Floors

Posted by Anna Garcia on

The next topic on our FAQ from customers list is about wood floor adhesive.

We carry about 50 different wood floor adhesives. However, there is always a good, better and best of anything we carry. I will try to keep it in laymen's terms and I will add links to the products so you can see how products are priced and all that jazz.

Before you glue any wood to your floor (or your installer does), always do a moisture test. We sell them or maybe your installer has a meter, but none of the glue warranties will be valid without a moisture test.


Taylor MS PLUS Wood Adhesive

Perfectly fine, only about $110 per pail. Probably our #2 seller.


Mapei ECO 995

Very good adhesive but the packaging and price scare people off a little. Not in a resealable bucket like the GOOD and BEST.


Bostik Greenforce

For $149 you can't beat the value. Top seller, never a complaint from installers and when you follow the directions of installing it covers up to 100% moisture which is insane.


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