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Our shipping explained....hopefully!

Posted by Tom Brady on

Over the years we have tried to make our shipping simple to understand, however, since people skip over reading it, I figure maybe they will read a blog. Here is my attempt to make it simple, and make sense.

We would love nothing more than to have shipping like a T-Shirt company. However, we are dealing with construction materials. Not all products ship like the ones you receive from your favorite department store. These are goods that need to be palletized and have to come on large trucks at times. 

First off we have 50,000 products. These products are manufactured by over 30+ vendors with warehouses all over the USA. Most are available to ship ASAP, some we have to source from other parts of the country.

You buy 1000 SF of tile and want it shipped to your house, there will be a charge for shipping. You buy 1000 SF and ship to a business with a forklift, or go pick up at a warehouse nearby, no shipping.

You live in CA and the Brazilian wood is in Miami- there will be shipping.

We will pay some of the shipping on most orders, if not all of it. Just depends on quantity, weight, origin warehouse, and where you are.

You buy Schluter from us, shipping is FREE.

You buy a pallet of adhesive and ship to a business with a lift, shipping is FREE. You buy one bucket (55 lbs) and want it shipped to Manhattan or Nebraska, there will be a charge.

You can order, we tell you shipping, you can cancel or approve. We will NEVER just charge you shipping without consent.

Call us 888.276.6888 or email from the "Contact" page on the site. We can get you a quote in minutes. 

Again, we would love nothing more than for your flooring to be next door to your house and shipping be a mute point. It's a pain for both you and me! If we can help, we will. By the growth of the company over the last 5 years, even with the shipping, we can save our customers money. And that is our goal.

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