Its All About the Local Communities We Serve!

Its All About the Local Communities We Serve!

We try to give back to the communities we serve. Being an online business, not much marketing is needed other than online. However, we want to know the people we serve. So, when approached by a customer to support her son's high school football team, we said "sure, why not"? 

This was our first banner. If you are trying to support your local school, reach out to us on how we can help. We can't always help, but if we can, we will!


flooring and football

Selling flooring online provides customers "Quality Flooring Without the Overhead". as much as online transactions can be impersonal, we are really trying to make our flooring and construction company into a family atmosphere. Even if we never meet in person.

Flooring and Football, that's what American Fast Floors does!


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