How to Install Under Floor Heating


Ditra Heat is a floor warming system made by Schluter, it is a three component system consisting of the Ditra Mat, the cable system, and the thermostat, it comes in both 120, and 240 volt. The Ditra mat for the Ditra heat is configured in such a way that the heat wire can be easily inserted and routed through the mat to heat the desired areas, in this case, the whole floor was heated, but can also be used to heat different zones. The Ditra mat is installed the same way as the regular Ditra uncoupling membrane and serves the same function with the added capability of accepting the heat wire. One important difference is that a ¼” square notched trowel is used to spread the thin set instead of the regular Ditra trowel. Once the mat has been installed, the wire can be routed into the mat. The heating cable must be placed no closer than 3” from the wall, and 8” from a heat source. The cable and probes must be tested with the appropriate meters before they installed, after they have been placed in the mat, and after the tile has been installed to retain the warranty. Here is the how-to video for the installation.


Here is a link to our Ditra Heat products, as always, shipping is free in the lower 48 states. 


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  • Ankit Singhania