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In recent months we have received a lot of calls and orders where customers were confused about their flooring order. Now I would think it's common sense to say you aren't getting a box of wood for $3.49 but based on recent feedback people do assume that.

Just to clarify, nothing on our site is priced by the box. So if you are looking for tile for your floors or walls it is sold by the square foot, not the piece. (unless it is a 12x12 mosaic).

Same goes for wood. It is sold by the square foot not the box. It comes in boxes but is sold per SF.

If you are buying trim pieces of tile like bullnose or corners those are sold by the piece.

As always, call us at 888.276.6888 and we will be more than happy to get you the proper quote and explain anything you might have a question about.


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  • Neil Eldridge