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An easier way to pay from your iPhone!

I shop online just like you do. Most of the time I abandon my checkout when I get to the payment screen. There is nothing worse than trying to fill out all your payment info on a tiny phone screen. You just want to be able to hit a button and pay! Well, now you can. If you are on using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and want to purchase, now you can with just the touch of the home button. Introducing Apple Pay...

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to pay for physical goods and services such as groceries, clothing, tickets, and reservations in your iOS apps. By using Touch ID or double-clicking Apple Watch, users can quickly and securely provide their payment, shipping, and contact information to check out with just one touch. Customers love the simplicity of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay: Pros

  • Simpler payments. Once shoppers have their credit card stored on the iPhone, they need only hold the phone near an NFC reader, approve the transaction with their fingerprint using iPhone’s Touch ID, and the payment is processed within a couple of seconds. The process is simpler than the traditional credit card swiping process, which typically includes (a) swiping a card and then selecting debit or credit, (b) providing a separate identification, and (c) affixing a signature.
  • Secure. Since a credit card does not need to be present, there’s less likelihood of a stolen number. Moreover, Apple does not use the credit card number for processing the payment but uses a token called the “device account number” to process the transaction, which further reduces the chances of the credit card details getting stolen. Apple Pay is an implementation of the EMVCo specification that is considered by many industry experts as the most secure payment mechanism.
  • Greater privacy. Apple will not track shopper transactions and store the data. This offers more privacy. Also, the use of device account numbers versus the credit card makes the transaction even more private with the retailers as they do not see the shopper’s name and other details, such as the billing address.
  • Lower risk. Large retailers like Target and Home Depot have recently experienced credit card breaches. Apple Pay eliminates that by avoiding the use of the card details as part of the transaction. With Apple Pay, the device account number, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code, is used to process the payment. So the actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared by Apple with retailers or transmitted with the payment.
  • Better experience. Apple is known for creating superlative user experiences. Apple Pay is no exception. Based on published reports and available videos, the service seems to be easy to use. The service automatically selects the default card from Passbook for payments, which can easily be overridden with a swipe.

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