Introducing Laticrete

Introducing Laticrete

Many of whom are repeat customers have asked that we add Laticrete products to our site. Like you, we are installers and use Laticrete on most of our flooring projects. 

Plain and simple, LATICRETE IS AWESOME! Laticrete sells well engineered and manufactured products that save time for the installers, and provide long-term security and performance to the home/hotel/site owner. They sell at fair prices for value received. They won't be mistaken for the least expensive option, but you can count on their product exceeding your expectations.

Laticrete product covers the full range of flooring and construction materials. Here are the categories they supply: adhesives, grouts and mortars for tile, stone and brick. Waterproofing for interior and exterior floors and walls. Leveling compounds and wear surfaces. Concrete repair materials. Cement based and colorful resin walking surfaces.

I'll be perfectly honest, when we first started installing 5 star hotels, and we would see a spec for Laticrete, we would cringe at the cost. However, in the years since, Laticrete has proven the only product we will use on exterior tile installation. Laticrete Platinum is worth double the cost (dont tell Laticrete that).

So, when you hear categories of products in terms of good, better, best...they are in the best category. BUY HERE

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  • Bryan Gillis