Mirage Hardwood Floors

Mirage Hardwood Floors

There is no doubt in my mind that Mirage Hardwood Floors is the one of the best-made floors in the industry, maybe even the best. While you wont see pricing online since it is against their policy, we do have various showrooms in the United States to which you can purchase. Just call us at 888.276.6888 for pricing and store locations.

At Mirage, everything they do is with one eye on sustainable development because they firmly believe there is no better way to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Mirage has adopted a progressive approach to sustainable development rather than a green program, because the concept it employs is rooted in our values and vision and always have been. At Mirage, they are committed to more than just better quality of life. They are taking concrete steps to care for the environment, our society, and the economy.

Mirage engineered products can be installed above, on or below grade. Most wood species, with the exception of Brazilian Cherry [Jatoba] and Hickory, can also be installed over subfloor equipped with radiant heat systems. Mirage engineered products may either be glued down over plywood/OSB or concrete subfloor, or simply nailer/stapled down over plywood/OSB floor, using specially designed hardwood floor stapler or nailer.

Prior to installation, the installer and owner must ensure that the work environment and subfloors meet or even exceed minimal specifications listed in this installation guide. Standard trade practice allows for up to a 5% margin of error for natural imperfections and manufacturing defects. Prior to installation, the installer and owner should conduct a final inspection of grade, color, manufacturing and finish quality of boards to ensure that the floor conforms to purchased product. Once installed, any board is considered as having been accepted by installer and owner, even if owner is absent at time of installation. When ordering hardwood flooring, it is recommended to add to the square footage needed an allowance for cutting waste

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  • Carlos Garcia