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Improved Customer Experience

Posted by Anna Garcia on

In an effort to give our customers the very best web experience, we changed our website's platform to Shopify. Shopify will allow us to bring more products online as well as give the customer a better check out experience.

The best part in my view is the updated search field. In the past, we would have customers trying to search and it just wasn't easy. Now, as you type the name or model number of the product in the search, it will pop up right away. 

Our goal at is to keep you as a repeat customer. In order to do that, we needed to invest in new technology. Hopefully, as we get some of the kinks out in the next few days, we will see those new changes bringing a better experience to you the user.

Thanks again for your patience. As with any large technology upgrade, there are a few bugs we need to squash. Feel free to call or email if there is something wrong as you try and navigate the new site.



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