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New and Updated DuChateau Install Instructions

Posted by Anna Garcia on

We all know DuChateau is the Mercedes Benz of wood and vinyl flooring. You wouldnt clean your Benz without reading the book on what products to clean and maintain so it would only make sense to read this blog, and watch this video on how to maintain your beautiful new wood floors by DuChateau. If you need pricing, or still have questions, please call us at 888.276.6888 and we can quote your project. 

As we have adjusted our factory-applied finishing process, our Quality Engineered DuChâteau Hardwood Floors come to you fully saturated with our VOC-Free hard-wax oil. As a result, it is no longer required to apply our maintenance oil immediately following installation, though regular annual oiling still applies. It is recommended, however, that you clean your floors after installation using only DuChâteau Premium Floor Cleaner and Protectant and still maintain the floor with DuChâteau Maintenance Oil regularly or as needed each year.


To identify if your shipment of Quality Engineered DuChâteau Hardwood Floors does not require oiling after installation, the hardwood package will be labeled “WX” as seen in either of the following:

 Remember, it is extremely important to fully understand how to care for your DuChâteau Hardwood Floor. For this reason, we include the installation instructions, warranty and maintenance instructions in every shipment for our customers’ bene t. To learn how best to maintain your floors in the years to come, we recommended reviewing all the technical documentation regarding your hardwood floors (also available at and watch our available care and maintenance videos (

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*IMPORTANT: Please note regular oiling for annual (or as needed) maintenance still applies. Whenever using DuChâteau Maintenance Oil, always wipe away all excess oil from the surface of the entire floor with a clean white cloth. There should be no visible oil left on the floor when finished. Please see can for full details.

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