How to Install Kahrs Wood Flooring from Sweden

How to Install Kahrs Wood Flooring from Sweden

Here at American Fast Floors we are committed to providing the whole spectrum of wood flooring. Wood Flooring comes in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Kahrs may be right on the cusp of the most expensive we carry but its not just because its imported. We know that what they offer carries that sort of value.

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One of the many vendors that we are excited to carry is. Kahrs is imported from Sweden and has been around since dinosaurs walked the earth (or 1857). There are a couple of major ways in which Kahrs is different than the competition. 

Kährs launched Woodloc® in 2000 which is the first glue-free joint system, and it revolutionized the wood flooring industry. This ingenious joint system locks the boards together mechanically, creating a completely gap-free floor.

Another aspect is the stain. All Kährs surface treatments are naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate. They also make the floor really easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, the colors and variety of wood products stand out ot me. From a pure white wood to a modern, hip, inky black look. From warm russet to soft grey. Kährs offers the widest range of colors and shades. To obtain the right nuance, we use staining techniques and different surface treatments in our design processes. These enhance the natural tone and texture of the wood, without disguising the fabulous natural feel.

Once you purchase your Kahrs floors, here is a video on how to install the flooring. Even if you are not installing the floors yourself, its always good to view this video just to make sure your installer is following the major wood installation tips provided by Kahrs.




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