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Schluter KERDI Shower Systems

Posted by Anna Garcia on

Waterproof, vapor-tight, easy to-assemble shower kits

If building your dream tile shower is the next project on your do-it-yourself project list, we recommend Schluter KERDI Shower Systems as your best bet for a long-lasting, trouble-free shower installation. The tile and grout joints in showers are not inherently waterproof; if you install a tile shower without first making certain your shower assembly can adequately manage moisture and prevent mold growth, water and vapor penetration can destroy all your hard work. Schluter’s handy all-in-one shower kits contain all the components you need to create a fully waterproof, vapor-tight, and maintenance-free shower enclosure – just pick up some unmodified thin-set mortar, trowels, and cement when you purchase your Schluter shower kit from American Fast Floors, and you’re ready to go! Schluter shower kits also feature straight-forward directions and an easy assembly that dramatically reduces total installation time. This video shows you in detail just how easy it is to install your Schluter shower kit.

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Installing a shower assembly that is waterproof and vapor tight is a simple, stress-free process with Schluter’s KERDI shower systems! Schluter shower kits create enclosures that are ideal for tiled showers and residential steam showers of all types. The benefits you gain from using a Schluter shower kit are clear – they are easy to install, can be used whether you have a standard or no access drain, and give you the ability to create a tile shower enclosure without the need for a mortar bed. You can enjoy your beautifully constructed tile shower with complete peace of mind, knowing it has prolonged resistance against both mold and corrosion. American Fast Floors carries Schluter shower kits in a variety of sizes and grate styles, so you are certain to find the exact size and finish that best complements your décor and shower design plans.

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