Unique Ways to Use Cheap Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for ways to add a unique style or design to your home, then you might consider the advantage of using cheap mosaic tiles for décor. Many homeowners don’t want to get stuck in the rut of having boring, simple tile in their home. So, instead of sourcing a basic product, consider the option to buy something that is colorful and stunning to improve the overall appearance of each room.

Cheap Mosaic TilesThe mosaic tile designs often make people think about the Roman or Greek culture. But, as you learn more about these products, you will see that they have been used in many times and locations throughout history. It is easy to see why homeowners want to maintain these classic trends by adding tile.

How to Use Mosaic Tiles?

Where should you place the mosaic tiles in your home? The options are unlimited, so you should let your creativity run wild with the design! Here are a few common options that you might consider:

  • Kitchen Backsplash: When you are working at the sink or counter in the kitchen, it is common for water or other liquids to get splashed up from the pan or mixing bowl. Even if you are careful with your recipe, accidents happen, and the ingredients might splash on the wall. As a result, the paint might be discolored or stained due to the food. Avoid these problems by installing a tile backsplash. If anything splashes on the wall, then you can wipe it with a rag without worrying about long-term discoloration or spots. The main purpose of a tile backsplash is to prevent water damage to the walls. But, you can also make it a beautiful feature that improves the aesthetics of the room.
  • Bathroom Backsplash and Walls: The bathroom is another room in the house where the walls need to be protected. Often, the room is filled with steam when someone is showering or taking a bath. As a result, painted walls can discolor or mold due to the heat and humidity. Avoid these problems by designing the backsplash and walls with beautiful mosaic tiles. Create a statement piece by installing one wall of floor-to-ceiling mosaic tile design in the bathroom.
  • Outside Décor: If you want a durable, beautiful product to use in outdoor décor, then cheap mosaic tiles might be your answer. These products look great when they are used to accent an outdoor kitchen, patio, or barbecue area in your yard. Or, they can be used to trim the concrete sidewalks or patio areas in the front or backyard.
  • Cubby Insets: Do you have built-in shelves in your kitchen or office? Place the tile to line the walls of the insets to create a subtle, classy design in the room. Instead of basic paint, tiles add both texture and color to draw attention to the feature in the room.
  • Accents: Adding tile doesn’t mean that an entire area of your home needs to be tiled. Consider using mosaic tiles as an accent around other features. For example, the tiles can be great as a border around the windows or a mirror. Or, they can help with a decorative feature near the fireplace or cupboards.
  • Borders: One specific type of accent that you might consider is a border around the room. The tile can be laid to divide the floor space in the room with the design of the mosaics. Or, put the mosaic tiles along the top or edges of the bathroom wall. Consider the shape of each room so that you can use the tile to support the flow of the home. This border design can be used to zone the spaces in your home. For example, you might place a distinguishing tile pattern between the kitchen and dining room.

If you are having a hard time identifying the right pattern or placement for your tiles, look online for inspiration. Many pictures and ideas can help you choose an overall style that you want to create in your home. Then, you can choose colors and tile shapes to match the pictures that you find. Feel free to reach out to our team anytime if you need help locating a specific type of tile. We are here to help!

Choosing the Color of Mosaic Tiles

How do you pick a color that will look good in your home? There are two methods that you might consider when you are sourcing your cheap mosaic tiles. First, you can look for colors and designs that blend well with the other décor elements in the room. Match the tiles to the overall color scheme to add a stylistic element without pulling attention away from other features.

Another option is to choose a bold color and pattern that will create a statement with the tile. Do you want the tile to be the focus of the room? Then you need to make sure that it stands out and catches someone’s attention when they walk into the area.

If you are on a tight budget, then you might consider using a combination of basic tiles and colorful mosaics. It can look great to combine white tiles with a variety of colors and designs that will improve the overall appearance of the room.

Types of Materials

Most colored mosaic tiles are made of glass. These materials are the familiar to people because the glass tiles are often used for the picturesque patterns that have been seen throughout history. The benefit of choosing glass is that the materials are beautiful, durable, reliable, and they look great! They can be used in any area of your home. They offer the moisture resistance and the stain-proof features that you desire.

Or, you might consider other products that make beautiful tiles, such as slate, granite, marble, or metal. Some homeowners prefer the stone tiles if they want to create more of a natural, earthy feel in the room. Metal is a great option for contemporary, modern homes.

Don’t assume that you need to stick with the same type of tile for the entire area. For example, you might use a combination of glass and stone to create a beautiful pattern that is truly unique and stylish. Different textures and colors can be used to make a stunning feature that is both functional and beautiful in any room.

Designing Your Tile Layout

In addition to choosing unique colors, you might also look for other ways that you can adjust the design to draw the eye to certain areas in the room. The inclination is often to create a rectangular tile design because it is simple and easy.

But, look at options to think outside the box with your design. For example, you might lay the tiles in a different shape to make them curved or designed in a unique way. This movement in shape can draw the eye to highlight different features around the room. Other layout options include a patterned design, such as a diagonal or checkered appearance.

Installing Your Tile

Now that you have chosen a design and purchased the materials, the next step is to install the tile in your home. You should consider the layout and installation materials that will support your long-term goals for the room. For example, if the tiles will be in the bathroom, then you need to ensure that the grout and other materials will withstand the warm, humid temperatures that will be common in the room.

The installation is probably easier than you think. But, you need to be sure that you are following the instructions for the type of tiles that you purchased. For example, some tiles can be placed on the wall directly. But, other products require the placement of a mesh background. If the surface is curved or angled, then the mesh will ensure the durability of the installation.

Where to Buy Cheap Mosaic Tiles

You can probably find mosaic tiles at a local home improvement store. But, you will be limited to the designs and colors that are available. Plus, you might end up paying extra for the materials since the store has the overhead cost of the building and local expenses.

Instead, consider the advantage of shopping for mosaic tiles online. The internet is a great place to source quality materials and stylistic options for your home or office. You can find the perfect color and design, helping you create the home of your dreams.

If you are looking for cheap mosaic tiles online, then our team is here to help. Feel free to browse the pages of our website to see the products that are available. You are also welcome to contact our customer service team if you have questions about the products that are available. We can help you identify the colors and features that will match your preferences.

Contact us anytime if you are looking for more information. We are one of the leading providers of cheap mosaic tiles, offering a wide variety of options for your home.

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Roppe Contours Blowout Sale!

Roppe Contours Blowout Sale!

We just finished a project in California and we have an extra 74 cartons of Roppe Contours #45 in color white. Usually, this product runs $196 per box or 4.90 per square foot. We are selling the Roppe Contours for $2.25 a square foot.

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Financing now available with AFFIRM

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Northern California Fire Update

Northern California Fire Update

With our shipping warehouse being located in Napa, CA, there have been some closures causing shipping delays on orders leaving these warehouses due to the severe ATLAS Fire that is happening right now in California.  Roads and businesses throughout Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa are affected, and still at risk of closing and evacuating if they have not done so already.  We appreciate your patience during this time, and will resume with our regular shipping schedule as soon as possible.  Our thoughts are with those in California and anyone affected by the fire.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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